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“You have just the right touch to generate (John's) spark for this sport. He has slept with the broken boards under his pillow and told ALL his friends and teacher about his new Taekwondo school. Just wanted to say, Thanks!”
–Ric, proud parent

Welcome to Jun Chong Martial Arts Center


If you want to try a different, exciting, and fun workout, relief from stress, and be in the best shape or your life, Jun Chong Martial Arts Center and karate school has something to offer for everyone. We offer more than 60 classes in a week in traditional self-defence training. Our expert professionals provide exceptional Martial Arts education in the arts of Tae kwon Do, Kickboxing, and Hapkido.

We are celebrating our 40th anniversary as the number one karate school in Los Angeles. And have been featured in Film, TV, the L.A. Times, and was even voted number one by MyFoxLA. Tae kwon Do is the most popular martial art in the worlds and has become a permanent Olympic sport. Grand Master Jun Chong is one of the highest ranked Master Instructors in the nation with over 30 degrees of black belt in a half dozen styles of martial arts. He has been on the cover of Dozens of martial arts magazines and travels the world giving seminars and doing films. He is the renowned teacher who provides karate lessons.

For thousands of years, martial arts lessons and martial artist have been known for their longevity, strength and good health that are all by-products of the training. Because a third of every class is devoted to yoga stretches and calisthenics, Tae Kwon Do might be the perfect one hour exercise on the planet! Numbered techniques and increasingly challenging forms or "hyungs' ad not only to the physical benefits, but improve mental functions as well. This is more apparent in children who train, especially ones with special needs. With to growing popularity of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the world is once again discovering the amazing powers of martial arts and the lifestyle that is embraced by millions.

Our Instructors have decades of experience and are involved in seminars, international tournaments, and are all personally certified by Grandmaster Jun Chong to be a teacher of his system. These arts provide a natural way to get the fit and conditioning body to the peak level of physical fitness and we encounter the fitness of our students and learners through numerous interesting and beneficial way of teaching. Come try a free Tae Kwon Do intro course at one our Martial Arts School! Karate Classes are fun and may change your life forever!

Our curriculum of combined Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido has been taught and proven to be an excellent method of promoting self-defense, health, and confidence for children and adults. Our goals in teaching martial arts are simple but essential to the way of life:


Respect. Having a respectful attitude for your country, parents, master and instructors, your fellow peers, and most importantly, for yourself.


Discipline. Maintaining the discipline to follow through, persevere, and commit to a goal by working hard and staying focused.


Persistence. Being persistent in your training despite challenges and setbacks to help you succeed in and outside of martial arts.


Leadership. Creating strong role models and leaders in our each black belts by having them assist, demonstrate, and lead in classes under the supervision of an instructor.



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