Chul Jin U.S. Open

Congratulations to our competitors at the Chul Jin U.S. Open!  The 23rd Annual tournament was held Feburary 18th at Sun Valley High School, and was attended by a large group of students who flew all the way from South Korea, to compete. Jun Chong WLA students did Awesome!  Plenty of first time competitors including Jacob Walker Wilkerson, and Aaron Nagadechi, and incredible performances from our Old School fighters, like Sabina Garcia, who as a red belt, received  the Gold Medal in Sparring against a much larger Black Belt.  The Santiago Family all got Golds, Including Jennifer Santiago with a heart felt sparring match, clinching the gold with a sprained wrist. Miranda Drayton-Porras led the School for the second straight tournament, taking home three Golds and a Silver in Red belt competition...Andrew Van-Cleve came just for Sparring and got the Gold, So did Kian Aryan and our own Stephen Goller! Check out our Facebook page for videos and pics, and thanks again for everyone who competed